About Me

Hi! My name is Jordan and I’m a professional photographer living in beautiful Portland. I specialize mainly in creative photography shoots for both families, couples and individuals. I also love capturing lifestyle sessions, architecture, and cars.

I first got into photography during college. The school offered me film and I would shoot rolls and rolls since the school paid to develop it. As any photographer will tell you, photography is expensive! To fund my new hobby I started shooting weddings with other established photographers in my area, where I learned as I went. As time went on I was able to turn my hobby into a business that I am very passionate about.

I’ve always seens the world a little differently. Growing up, I was always a creative individual. Though I wasn’t very good with a paintbrush or a pencil, I learned to tell a story through the images I create using a camera. I love the experience of interacting with individuals, couples, and kids, capturing their emotions and cxperiences in that moment in time. Trying to get people to be natural in front of a camera lens can be hard and challenging but it’s what makes taking photos that much more rewarding for me when those walls come down.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, and exploring new places and the outdoors with friends. I also have an interest and appreciation for anything design related from industrial design, architecture, fashion, and interior design.